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Beautiful creative writing prompts below....

Creative writing prompts – Exploring the inspiration from the world around you!



Welcome to the Inspiration from the world creative writing package, in this bundle of prompts you will find 3 beautifully designed creative Prompts, waiting for your brilliance creativity and inspiration to turn these concepts into short stories.

With these prompts we have created journeys into the world, in hope you see it a fresh, moments that will guide you to find inspiration from the things places and people that live around us. These prompts say find inspiration everywhere in every moment in every interaction. The world is infinitely fascinating and enthralling we just forgets to see, these prompts say step into the world, see the characters landscapes and storylines…

The three prompts we offer you in this package..
• Will involve discovering a landscape
• Exploring costume and character
• And seeing moments with strangers as potential story begins

It is our hope this package bring you spontaneous moments of creativity, moments that speak to your imagination your possibility and brilliant.

Good luck with your creative challenge, and may you constantly find inspiration to inspire your stories.

Enjoy your journey….