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Beautiful creative writing prompts below....

31 Day Creative Writing Challenge



In this 31 day creative writing challenge there are 31 beautifully designed creative concepts, prompts created by writers for writers to inspire creative stories. Words, quotes, images, story beginnings, creative ideas, unusual suggestions, open-ended creative questions, character suggestions, and landscapes waiting for stories to unfold, all put together to inspire your imagination, your creativity and your stories.

As writers there is nothing more important than to write, to write every day, today, tomorrow, the next day, to constantly engage in our craft, in our passion, in our brilliance, and that’s why we have created this 31 day creative writing challenge, constantly offering you creative inspiration, keeping you engaged as you move through the beautiful prompts day by day.

Each concept we have put together has been created around an image, a beautiful photo that speaks to a story, the images are intriguing, beautiful, shocking and comforting, some speak of secrets, others of landscapes or abandoned buildings, some of journeys to be taken, others of characters lost. Beautiful photographs together with narrative concepts, and a mood suggestion to offer you ideas for a writing style/genre.

These concepts have been put together so they can be explored in an instant or over a period of hours depending on what inspires you.

It is our hope this challenge brings you spontaneous moments of creativity, moments that speak to your imagination, your possibility and your brilliance.