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Beautiful creative writing prompts below....

Beautiful multi-page creative writing prompts – Leading you through the entire story writing process


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Welcome to the In one story creative writing package, in this bundle of prompts you will find 3 beautifully designed multipage creative prompts, waiting for your brilliance creativity and inspiration.

Each prompt we offer you will take you through the journey of writing a story, beginning middle and end, guiding you step by step, as you work through a story framework and explore potential narratives and plot twists.

Throughout the process of this creative writing journey you will be offered ideas creative concepts, plot and character suggestions, all presented alongside beautiful and thought-provoking pictures helping you to build your story along the way.

Prompt 1: Creates a story around the concept of a masked ball
Prompt 2: Asks you to tell a story as though you were an abandoned theatre.
Prompt 3: Explores the characters journey.

Each one of these multipage story writing prompts have been creatively designed to connect with your imagination, your ability, your writing style, supporting you to write something that speaks to your passion.

We hope something of what we’ve written speaks to what inspires you, speaks to your stories, speaks to your brilliance and inspiration.

Good luck with your creative writing and may you constantly find inspiration to inspire your stories.