Waiting ~ By The Secret Baker

It lumbered up towards the peer, on all fours, step-by-step. It had been planning for this moment, checking the weather forecast, and as soon as the mist had fallen, it had shambled out of the front door, suitcase strapped to its back. It went along the waterfront, close to the wall so it wouldn’t be noticed, creeping along in the mist and the darkness, its claws scraping slightly on the cobblestones, its shaggy fur blowing in the wind. Occasionally the mist would clear and its teeth and claws would flash white in the rays of light falling through the dark.

As a couple started to walk out of the mist, it hid itself behind some old tin bins, closing its eyes and balancing a bin lid on its head, invisible, it thought. And waited for the couple to pass.

As the screams and running footsteps retreated back into the mist it sprung back into action, creeping all 4.6 metres of shaggy body, it was pure stealth, well as pure stealth as it could be for a bear with such a calling for chocolate snacks, the thought of chocolate spread almost pulling it away from its ghastly mission.

On towards the bakery, the bakery on the old pier. The bear had staked out the bakery for three days, observing the comings and goings of the delivery drivers through its brass telescope with its nose full of the aromas of cinnamon sugar and liquorice sprinkles, it started to froth at the mouth with the very thought of all those confectionery delights.

Luckily, people seemed to be quite scarce today, thought that bear, I’m so glad I chose this route, there are so few people, although it could be my ability to blend in so well! Although there are quite a lot of muffled sounds of running feet and distant screams, he thought to himself, maybe that was just something that went on in quiet seaside towns.

The mist was thick now, but through the mist, there was the bakery ‘Mr Buns the Baker’ – You are a beauty, Mr Buns, the bear thought. Opening his suitcase he pulled out a big piece of paper and stuck it over the word ‘Buns’ on the big sign above the bakery, he then scribbled on the big blank piece of paper. It now read ‘Mr Bears the Baker’, so crafty he chuckled to himself, he then put on his baker’s hat that he had made himself. I’m so so crafty, he thought!

All there was to do now was stand in the mist and wait for the delivery van, but to his horror a small child came up and started to stroke him, ‘Shoo shoo’, he said, ‘You will blow my cover, I am Mr Bear the Baker and I am waiting for my delivery, shoo shoo!’ but the child just hugged him, ‘You’re cute’ the child said, ‘and sooooo soft, I’m not leaving!’

But the bear would not be outwitted, he had planned for this, children are the bane of all bear’s dastardly plots. He opened his suitcase and this time he pulled out a massive lollipop twice the size of the child. ‘I will trade you this for your silence?’ he said. The child’s eyes widened in shock at the size of the treat… ‘You have a deal.’ the child said, as it took the lollipop its knees buckled slightly under the sheer weight and size of it. ‘Now go!’ said the bear! ‘You’re funny.’ said the child dragging its massive lollipop behind it, disappearing into the mist to find its parents.

The bear gives itself a congratulatory slap on the back, I’ve managed to hide from the people and outwit the child, now all I have to do is pass off as the Baker and all the confectionery will be mine – The bear lets out a little cackle, that may have come out as a roar!

It was at that very moment that the delivery driver, arms piled high full of boxes of cakes, stepped out of the mist in front of the bakery, turned white, dropped his boxes, screamed and ran……

I can’t believe my luck, thought the bear, that was so much easier than I thought it was going to be, my costume must be brilliant! I wonder if he always delivers his cakes like that. The bear gathers up all the cake boxes, thinking to himself, what a successful day, my biggest haul ever!

Home next, he thinks, his paws stacked high with cakes, I’ll have tea and lunch, then a nap, and then off to stake out Greg’s the Bakers! Haha, he thought, this is going to be a great holiday…..