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Don’t read the site….. write it!

Okay, well maybe do read a bit, we have a selection of the most amazing creative stories all that has been created from are beautifully designed creative writing prompt so explore, take inspiration and enjoy.

But this project is not just about reading amazing stories, it is about writing them…

Whoever you are, whatever your skills or ability this project is for you, this project is for everybody, It is about encouraging as many people as possible to take moments and to write creative stories.

It doesn’t matter if you have never written before or you are a seasoned writer and you’re just looking for something to inspire creative moments in your life, it doesn’t matter if you are dyslexic or have confidence issues around literacy, this project is about takeing part and being creative…

This project is about inspiring you to write creative stories and we have created beautiful prompts to inspired this. Prompts you can download, yes, download this free prompt, Write from your inspiration, and then offer your creative story to be featured we try and feature as many as possible.

All the stories on this website has have been inspired by our beautiful prompts, so join this creative movement, don’t just read the stories write them.

So download the prompt and create a storie….

All the information are on the prompts you will receive, download the prompts go easy and be creative.