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About us – People passionate about stories

We are a small group of people passionate about stories, writing and creativity.

We are writers, poets, educators, dreamers, all at different stages of creative writing journeys, some of us just starting, some of us have been writing for many years, all of us believed deeply that being creative and creative writing in particular can help us imagine, support us to grow, change our outlook on life, build us as people, support our mental health, and grow our creativity.

Stories have the ability to transport the reader, to fill the mind, to change the reader’s point of view, to captivate, to inspire, there is something truly brilliant about stories, whether they be fantastical or the every day, stories are the way we communicate, the telling of stories has been passed down through generations, it is who we are,

We believe that creative writing has a unique ability, to enthrall us as writers through the process of developing creative stories, and entrance and intrigue others through the sharing of those stories.

In response to the pandemic we started to create little writing prompts that we send to friends and family, supporting the people around us through lock-down. The feedback we got, alongside seeing the creative riffle are prompts were creating drove us on to connect with more people and Prompt creative grew and grew.

For us prompt creative is about offering as many people moments to be creative as possible, moments to engage in writing and creative writing, offering creativity to the world. What we are creating is a place for creative ideas, of characters of landscapes, of story beginnings, creating a place where creativity and inspiration can live, a place to inspire creative stories, a space inspired by prompts.

Go easy and be creative

The prompt creative team

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