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About The Prompts

Prompt creative has been created with the creator at its core, it’s about offering you the time, inspiration and permission to explore your creative writing in a way that is engaging, new and with freedom.

As creative’s we know how hard it can be to find the space, beat the creative block, feel brave enough to do something you’ve never tried or just find new excitement in what you might have done for years. It was with that knowledge that we created our beautifully designed creative writing prompts, created by writers for writers, offering you open-ended creative questions that will set your mind alight with ideas and creative possibilities, story beginnings offered for you to finish, opening lines that ask you to create characters to speak them, characters that are waiting for your story, landscapes from moments of myth and mystery to abandoned theatres, to sweeping hills or clifftop walks, waiting for stories to unfold, all created for you, the writer, to step in and explore.

Most of our creative writing prompts have been put with some of the most stunning photography, pictures that will entice you, visual images that set the scene to offer moments to be written to.

Words, quotes, images, story beginnings, creative ideas, unusual suggestions, open-ended possibilities, all put together to inspire your imagination, your brilliance, your stories.

We have developed our prompts over many years, facilitating groups, working with individuals, and supporting creatives. Over this time we have found that prompts have a unique ability to connect people with their creativity, what we have learnt through our research and facilitation work is that everybody, yes everybody, is infinitely creative, but sometimes as we go through life, we forget, or have not learnt, how to access that creativity, the creative prompt offers a bridge to that creativity that is in every one of us, each prompt a moment of inspiration, each prompt an inspiration for a story.

For us Prompt Creative is about spreading creativity in the world, inspiring people to find their creative possibility, it is what drives our prompts and everything we do. Creative people make a creative world and a creative world is a better world.

Any individual who creates something from a prompt is invited to send it to us and we will try and feature as many of the stories we receive as possible, we love to share the stories that have been created, through writing we find our own inspiration, but through sharing that writing we inspire others.

At Prompt Creative we say: Be creative no matter what, be creative day in day out, it will change your life….

Go easy and be creative,

From all of us at Prompt Creative