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We are trying to highlight as many stories, that have been written inspired by our prompts, as possible, so if you would like to put your story forward to be highlighted please email: – We look forward to receiving your stories.

When you email us your stories to be featured please include your name, a pseudonym or state that you would like us to feature you as ‘anonymous’. Please also send us any website or social media links that you would like to be included.

Please send us your story as a word document attachment, and if you are selected to be featured we will put your story with a beautiful image and share it with the world.

If you would prefer to read your story you can send us a recording in MP3 file format, or if you prefer you can send it as a YouTube link.

Please send us your story in the format that makes you feel most comfortable, confident and fits your story best.

The process of writing inspires ourselves, the process of sharing that writing inspires others, help us to inspire the world, and share your story with us.

Go easy and be creative,

From all of us at Prompt Creative

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