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Beautiful creative writing prompts below....

3 Creative Short Story Writing Prompts – Offering You Story Inspiration For The Beginning, Middle And End


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In this ‘In Three Scenes’ bundle, you will receive 3 beautifully designed creative concepts, a collection of prompts that build a story in three moments, guiding you on your creative writing journey, offering you a beginning, a middle and an end. With these prompts we offer you a framework with three distinct moments to write to – how you respond is up to you.

This bundle includes the 3 prompt titles below:
• 1 New Unread Text Message
• The Table
• A Jealous Moment
Each prompt has its own unique journey, by the end of the creative process will have 3 beautifully unique and wonderful stories, guided by the prompts.

These concepts have been put together so they can be explored in an instant or over a period of hours depending on what inspires you.

It is our hope these prompts bring you spontaneous moments of creativity, moments that speak to your imagination, your possibility and your brilliance.