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Beautiful creative writing prompts below....

Exploring Characters 7 Day Writing Challenge




In this Creative Writing Characters Challenge, you will receive beautifully designed creative character prompts.

The unique and creative character prompts we offer you have been dreamt up to inspire stories, these characters are ready to step into worlds of creative writing, waiting for you to give them breath and voice.

This creative writing challenge will inspire your writing and help you commit to your creativity! Our prompts offer you words, quotes, beautiful images, story beginnings, creative ideas, unusual suggestions, open-ended creative questions, characters and landscape suggestions, all put together to inspire your brilliance, your creativity and your stories.

Whether you are a seasoned writer or a first-timer, this is a brilliant, fun, quick and easy way to energise your storytelling.

You will also receive a worksheet to explore your creative process and a contract to help you commit to your creativity for 7 days!