About The Project


Prompt Creative is about offering creative prompts for people to engage with, exploring ideas and creativity through the eyes, minds and creations of many.


We are currently trying to engage as many people as possible to react to this prompt.


From the research and testing we have done we have found that these prompts help people be creative at every level – Whether you have been creative your whole life, it’s your career or you’re shy to show anyone those doodles you do whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, these prompts will open up new spaces to explore what you enjoy creatively.


The prompts you will receive will open spaces and start creative journeys, opening moments that make you look at your artistic discipline differently and possibly the way you live. These prompts can be explored at any level and can offer you a way to push your creative excellence and explore your current practice as well as being a good first step to touch creativity for the first time, we are all creative we are just at different stages of our creative journey.


Everyone will receive a beautiful prompt, the way you react to this prompt is totally up to you, this is about letting your imagination run wild. Then, alongside many others, you will create something from this central point, this central idea, this prompt, and as everybody shares their journey, either on the website or on social media, we will see the creative process through many eyes, the creative journeys people have walked, understanding creativity and creating inspiration and prompting a creative ripple in the world.