Why Get Involved?


This project has been created with the creator at the core, it’s about offering you the time, inspiration and permission to explore your creativity in a way that is engaging, new and with freedom. As creative’s we know how hard it can be to find the space, beat the creative block, feel brave enough to do something you’ve never tried or just find new excitement in what you might have done for years.


Prompt Creative is about combating creative challenges – you will be asked a question that your brain will uniquely answer, and that you will respond to, drawing on your life experience and using your unique ways to explore it.


Some people may ask, what does creativity offer me in the ‘real world’ – when we explore creativity, we have to connect with ourselves, overcome challenges, believe in ourselves, learn to adapt, and be spontaneous to name just a few things – and these are tools that translate into almost every life experience – by learning these tools doing something we love we then have them in our tool box for any situation we may need them in!


The team at Prompt Creative have a foundational belief in the power of creativity and it’s ability to, affect the world in positive ways, change lives, heal people, inspire play and ultimately offer people the space to explore, be and exist in themselves and with others.


Creativity is very individual, but it is also nice to know that there is a community of people exploring the same creativity at the same time as you, just in their own unique way – and that is a part of this project that we think is really beneficial. Whether it’s just knowing other people are exploring the same prompt, or if you choose to look back at this site and see what people have done, or choose to wait for inspiration from other people’s creations, we believe that this sense of doing it together is of real benefit to each individuals personal creative potential.