The inspiration behind the project


This project was an idea born out of the pandemic, people talking while in lockdown, imagining the world we wished to see going forward. Creativity cannot stop, it is in all of us, everywhere we look, it is the central part of being human and exploring who we are and the world we live in. This project has been created with that in mind, to offer creative moments, to inspire creativity, offering opportunities to explore creativity together. This is a project that says, ‘we will still be creative however hard, we will still be creative whatever the world looks like, we will still find inspiration however complicated that may sometimes feel.’ And through our creativity we can provide uplift, we can shape the world in which we wish to live, and we can change the paths of others and offer the possibility of hope and joy.


In every one of us there are so many ideas, so many life stories to be drawn upon, so many creative moments just waiting to be heard and seen. Every life has a unique journey, a journey that if asked can create unique and amazing moments. There is untapped creativity that sits in our memories, our dreams, our emotions, and our conversations, spoken and unspoken. It is in every one of us, whatever our background or life experience, we have an infinite ability to be creative, just sometimes we forget it.


Our Aims:

• We aim to inspire people to be creative, opening creative spaces for people to step into, offering new ways of thought, new creative journeys, and opportunities for people to discover their brilliance in creative ways. Always looking to inspire creativity in all people, whatever their experience or background.


• We aim to create a collective movement, where we can explore creativity together, even if we are socially distanced, even if the normal places where we explore and express our creativity are currently sleeping, and through this have a greater understanding of creativity, inspiration, and possibility.


• We aim to lift the veil on the creative process. So much creativity is done in isolation, so much is unseen, but we all walk the similar human journey of trial and error, of ups and downs. We will fail, sometimes will come up short, and we will have triumphs and moments of euphoria. With this project we wish to open up the creative process to everybody, and in so doing humanise the creative process, allowing others to walk similar journeys and be inspired and through that inspiration find the bravery and courage to be creative themselves.


• We aim to create an online space of brilliance, beauty, ideas and experimentation. To create a space where people can touch, read, view, experience and explore creativity in all its forms, offering colour, thought, brilliance, beauty, honesty and uplift. A space that people could connect with, and in so doing immerse themselves in creative moments and share in creative thoughts with other creative minds.


• We aim to be part of creating a more creative world. Creativity and the arts should not be something that is on a pedestal, creativity should not be for some of us, but for all of us. This project says you do not have to be experienced but just be creative. Be creative, react creatively, snatch those 10 minutes to create, be creative in your interactions, in your movements, in each moment explore, experience and live in that moment. Make it part of your everyday life, try things you would not normally try and see things you would not normally see, explore, encourage, engage. Together, just by committing to a creative moment we start to build a more creative world.