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Creative writing prompts to inspire your stories

Take your creative writing to new levels.

Write amazing stories inspired by prompts.

Welcome to Prompt Creative! We create prompts to inspire your writing. 


Not just one word prompts but beautifully designed creative concepts. Prompts created by writers for writers to inspire creative stories. Our prompts offer you words, quotes, beautiful images, story beginnings, creative ideas, unusual suggestions, open-ended creative questions, characters and landscape suggestions, all put together to inspire your brilliance, your creativity, your stories. Shop to start your creative journey…

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Our prompts are for:

Igniting your creative passion

Creative writing and engaging with creativity can be one of the most rewarding and fun processes, but sometimes even the best of us can face writer’s block, or find ourselves in a groove creatively.


Our prompts are about keeping the creative process engaging, offering you inspiration to ignite your creative passion.


Creative exploration

These prompts offer you new ways to see the world, imagine stories, create characters, dream the un-dreampt, and discover all the different stories you can write.


With these prompts we wish to constantly inspire, and offer unique and exciting ideas for you to explore.

Developing your ability

Through undertaking the creative writing challenges explored through our prompts, you will gain a greater understanding of how to create stories, building your creative toolbox for your own creative writing.


Writers who engage with our prompts have spoken of an increased sense of creativity and ability.

Whatever your skill level our prompts will fit your creativity.

If you are looking for a beautiful and inspirational creative writing journey these prompts are the perfect fit, whether you are just starting out on your first steps in creative writing, or you are seasoned writer.  


All our prompts can be explored in any creative style, and have been intelligently created to fit all abilities.

This week's offer...

12 Creative writing prompts for £8.40!

Here we offer you 12 totally unique and brilliant prompts – multipage story prompts that take you through the process of writing a story from beginning to end, prompts that offer you new ways to see the world and find the stories in our interactions, prompts with the most beautifully stunning photographs and visual images that can be stepped into, landscapes and places waiting for stories, all put together with narrative suggestions and characters to be explored.

Start your creative journey...


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