Submitting Creations and Being Highlighted


Submitting your creation for the opportunity to be highlighted on the website is really simple and you can do it by Clicking Here!

Please also share your creations on all your social media platforms, tagging us @promptcreative and using the #promptcreative – this means we can see what you are doing and so can everyone else in the community.

Remember when you upload to the website you will need to have all your files, and any text you want to include ready, maybe you would like to include some images from the process.
• For Video you will need a URL (this can be Vimeo, Facebook or Youtube)
• For images you can upload them straight from your device.
• For written text you can paste up to 5000 characters, or for longer work you can upload a PDF or Word Document.

For any submission there is a maximum of 10 media uploads (eg: word docs, images, audio etc) and in addition a maximum of 5 video links.

When you upload your creation it would be lovely to hear a bit more about you, your creation or your process ~ here are some suggestions of what you could tell us:

• Tell us the journey from first seeing the prompt to the final creation?
• How are you creative?
• When have you felt your greatest moment of creative breakthrough?
• What is your most treasured possession and why?
• Describe yourself?
• What keeps you awake at night?


Things you might want to include in your submission:

• Pictures/video/audio files of your process.
• Doodles or sketches.
• Personal diary entries
• For more suggestions click here.


We will endeavour to highlight as many people’s creations as work but we can’t promise what you submit will be shared on the site so please remember to share on social media so the whole community can see what you have done. We cannot wait to see everyone’s creation!