Here are a couple of paintings about being in the first lockdown.

The light blue one is called Social Isolation and the dark blue one is as yet untitled but it’s about the space and quiet from that time.

I thought back to the confusion and fear, but also the peace and space.

Very early in my life, as a way to avoid impossible situations, I found my way into other worlds. Now, many years later, creation is my way of making sense of this world.


While making art isn’t necessarily logical it’s the only thing that makes sense.
I try to make things that spread a positive vibration into the world.

I don’t have a favourite object but I have a piece of polished Labradorite that when the light shines on it in the right direction it turns an incredible, pure deep blue.
It seems the colour is a space inside it and I like it a lot.

I was moving some paintings recently and came across these (the bottom two) which I also painted early in the lockdown when there was a lot of fear and anxiety about. I don’t know where the top one came from but I think it sums it up, it never had a title. And I haven’t got the bottom one here now to check the title but it was something about Love Will Win.