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We call this prompt the ripple prompt – it is free and accessible for everyone and we want it to reach as many people as possible to instigate and facilitate a creative ripple of people engaging and creating! We hope this prompt will allow people the time and space to be creative, and that in turn as they share their experience or creation that other people may be inspired to do the prompt or be creative in other ways!

We will keep releasing Ripple Prompts but not until we reach our target – they will always have a different focus and this one is about looking back at our memories from the pandemic and how we each experienced lockdown – we are really excited to see your creations inspired by your memories.


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If you would like to receive prompts you can support the project for just £2.50 a month and you will receive an amazing monthly prompt. By doing this you are keeping the project alive and giving yourself permission to explore your creativity in different ways. These prompts are currently being tested by a team of volunteers and will be released soon. If you are interested in these prompts please email: applicationsandinterest@gmail.com