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Creative writing prompts for unique and unusual stories


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Welcome to the unusual concept creative writing package, in this bundle of prompts you will find 3 beautifully designed creative concepts, waiting for your brilliance creativity and inspiration to turn these concepts into short stories.

As we create our amazing digital prompts we occasionally think of something outlandish, unusually brilliant, something that makes you think about the world differently, see things differently, these ideas we call unusual concepts, strange and wonderful prompts that are intriguing beginnings for unusual stories.

So if you want to explore your creative writing, and write stories beyond the everyday, exploring unusual, the different this could be the creative prompt bundle for you.

All the prompts we offer you have been created around wonderfully intriguing pictures, fitted together with brilliant writing concepts, thought-provoking quotes and narrative suggestions.

It is our hope this package bring the spontaneous moments of creativity, moments that speak to your imagination your possibility and brilliant.

Good luck with your creative challenge, and may you constantly find inspiration to inspire your stories.

Enjoy your journey….