Memories From The Pandemic

Pandemic Memories Prompt

This prompt is about recalling memories from the pandemic and exploring them in creative ways. Click the download button to receive the prompt.

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Why we started this project:

◦ We are doing this to spread creativity as far as possible and gather moments that need to be remembered and shared with the world.


Why we think this is important:

◦ The prompt we are offering the world, is about capturing memories from the pandemic in the most creative way possible, aiming to collect creations inspired by a shared moment in time, lived experiences made into creative explorations and creations. The pandemic is a moment that has changed all our lives, a moment that we have survived through or learnt from, this is a moment that deserves to be remembered. We must not forget our courage, we must learn from moments of darkness, we must not forget those who did not make it, we must draw on the moments when we found strength to push forward, no matter what.

◦ This project aims to help people and the world rebuild through creatively remembering and sharing moments, bringing people together and inspiring others. What we have already received from people who have done this prompt is fascinating, thought-provoking and inspiring. Now we want to reach more people and expand our collection of memories by connecting with as many people as possible to take part and explore the prompt.


Who we are trying to reach:

◦ In a word everybody, we are looking to gather stories and memories from people from every sector of society, people from every background, people with every life experience. We want this project to reflect the world in which we live, exploring the experiences of everybody.

◦ This is the moment that affected us all and we wish to see this reflected in the project.


What we are hoping to build:

◦ We are hoping to create an online collection of hundreds of memories told in different creative ways, a time capsule of moments, a library of lived life experiences – all of which can be viewed, and shared, and borrowed. A gallery of memories, a stage for stories to dance.

Why we are asking for people to tell their stories of the pandemic through creativity:

◦ Through creativity we can inspire others, we can heal ourselves, we can change the world, we can stay anonymous if we wish, which allows us freedom to explore. Through the process of creating we can learn, through creativity we can connect with others in ways that simply recanting stories does not, and through creativity we grow stronger in ourselves and that affects the world.


A Little bit about us:

◦ The prompt creative team believes that creativity has the ability to change lives, bring people together, allows for space to heal, connects people to themselves and others and offers individuals new ways of seeing the world. We believe with all our hearts in the power creativity and creating has for all of us, for the world.

◦ This project is about bringing creativity into every home, to all people, it is about trying to prompt a creative ripple in the world, it is about trying to connect with people through poetry, through song, through dance and writing and performance. It is about saying whatever you are, whatever you are doing, be creative. And it is about capturing a moment that affected all of us and changed so many lives.