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“Going Round In Circles” (Children’s Song)

Tell us about your creation?

Trying to explain to children about the pandemic was difficult. I remember my sister teaching my 5 year old nephew the word ‘unprecedented’ to explain why she didn’t have the answers to all his questions. It was hard to reassure children when we didn’t know whether schools would open, when they would get to see friends and family again, and when things would be back to ‘normal’. Especially when rules changed, lockdowns returned and things stretched out longer than everyone anticipated.

I wanted to create a song that evoked the memory of each day feeling the same as the next; a feeling of going round in circles and not knowing when things would change. This monotony and loss of routine was felt by everyone as we tried to find our way through.

I was also conscious of trying to convey this shared memory in ‘the most creative way possible’. I wanted the music to reflect the feeling of being on repeat, of time warping and overlapping, of going nowhere.

But throughout this we also saw people finding the positives and being hopeful and optimistic. It was important for me that the children’s song communicated this sentiment too, concluding with “Hoping that tomorrow brings a change.”


No-one knows how long this will go on,

It feels like the world is frozen still,

Going round in circles every day,

Hoping that tomorrow brings a change.

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Collecting Her

Collecting Her


Last night, when I was sat on our rooftop,

I thought I heard you call my name,

Like you used to when I was little,

Like you did when you answered my long-distance calls.


And we played, as we did,

Tennis on the moors and Crazy Eight in the evenings.

The humbug mints and the rock cakes piled high in the tin,

Dancing the square tango around the kitchen,

And the sunny drives, drifting off to sleep,

As we travelled north from Looe after a day on the beach,

My head bobbing side to side in the August sun.


The pocket money toys and the souvenir dolls,

Brought back from coach trips abroad,

The loud tick of the bedroom clock and the bright, pink fluffy bathroom mat,

The crunchy marmalade toast and the funny curved grapefruit knife,

(I’d never seen one of those before),

And the chink of the teacups in the morning as I woke. My Disney glass.


Last night, I’m sure I heard you call my name,

But perhaps it was just the sigh of the stars as they collected you,

Not yet, I said, it’s not finished!

This story doesn’t have a title,

This play doesn’t have a cast,

This song doesn’t have an ending…

But when I heard you call my name, I couldn’t help myself, I answered:

“Hello, Nan”

And perhaps, just perhaps, you heard me?


Jenny Ayres

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I Am

I am

As I am now
Because of who I was
Before when I was less than who?
I am

New man
No lonely child
Sitting on cold sandstone
Whittling sticks making soldiers to fight

Life’s oppressors
Brutalizing children
And I followed vengeful pathways
To find

Waiting in walls
Built up as protection
Until they all came falling down

Into new ground
A fresh revelation
We all fought back, giving out to

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Something that’s such a blessing, but for me it’s like a curse,

A loop on replay in my mind, repetition of a verse, 

A years worth of memories that could fit within a life time,

Encapsulated and merely summarised within this short rhyme,

So much betrayal, abuse and countless lies,

I can’t forget any of it, no matter how much my heart cries, 

I feel them with all my senses and relive them like they’re present,

It’s my very own version of a personal depressant, 

I have flashes in my minds eye, it distracts me like a phenom,

But I don’t delight in its company, it poisons me like venom.


I hear your pathetic excuses and it strikes within my animus, 

This is one situation where I don't wish to remain magnanimous, 

Something just wasn't right, I felt it throughout my being, 

Then I stumbled upon the evidence, it was that which sent me fleeing, 

The dirty sheets, the yellow top, the change in your behaviour, 

In pleasant memories of past, I can now no longer savour, 

Got me questioning all of it, and how you're inherently feral, 

But removing myself from you didn't get rid of this level, 

Of ultimate betrayal, the recollection of all remains, 

A combination of bad memories that'll leave my heart stained.

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Tesco Extra Bulls Bridge May 2020

Tesco Extra Bulls Bridge May 2020

Keeping a sort of two metres distance
Under the sun we’re following
The S bend of crowd control barriers
It’s shorts and t-shirt hot
Our families have been reduced
To one solitary representative individual
Allowed to shop alone

I have a mask but it’s around my neck
no-one else is wearing facemasks yet

We take six steps forward then wait
A ripple running through
A crowd which shuffles then settles
Back into uniform array and
I find relief in the shade
Of the bounteous cherry trees
Whose blossom blesses all beneath
With a floating snowdrift
Of pale pink petals

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The Inspiration Behind The Project

The inspiration behind the project


This project was an idea born out of the pandemic, people talking while in lockdown, imagining the world we wished to see going forward. Creativity cannot stop, it is in all of us, everywhere we look, it is the central part of being human and exploring who we are and the world we live in. This project has been created with that in mind, to offer creative moments, to inspire creativity, offering opportunities to explore creativity together. This is a project that says, ‘we will still be creative however hard, we will still be creative whatever the world looks like, we will still find inspiration however complicated that may sometimes feel.’ And through our creativity we can provide uplift, we can shape the world in which we wish to live, and we can change the paths of others and offer the possibility of hope and joy.


In every one of us there are so many ideas, so many life stories to be drawn upon, so many creative moments just waiting to be heard and seen. Every life has a unique journey, a journey that if asked can create unique and amazing moments. There is untapped creativity that sits in our memories, our dreams, our emotions, and our conversations, spoken and unspoken. It is in every one of us, whatever our background or life experience, we have an infinite ability to be creative, just sometimes we forget it.


Our Aims:

• We aim to inspire people to be creative, opening creative spaces for people to step into, offering new ways of thought, new creative journeys, and opportunities for people to discover their brilliance in creative ways. Always looking to inspire creativity in all people, whatever their experience or background.


• We aim to create a collective movement, where we can explore creativity together, even if we are socially distanced, even if the normal places where we explore and express our creativity are currently sleeping, and through this have a greater understanding of creativity, inspiration, and possibility.


• We aim to lift the veil on the creative process. So much creativity is done in isolation, so much is unseen, but we all walk the similar human journey of trial and error, of ups and downs. We will fail, sometimes will come up short, and we will have triumphs and moments of euphoria. With this project we wish to open up the creative process to everybody, and in so doing humanise the creative process, allowing others to walk similar journeys and be inspired and through that inspiration find the bravery and courage to be creative themselves.


• We aim to create an online space of brilliance, beauty, ideas and experimentation. To create a space where people can touch, read, view, experience and explore creativity in all its forms, offering colour, thought, brilliance, beauty, honesty and uplift. A space that people could connect with, and in so doing immerse themselves in creative moments and share in creative thoughts with other creative minds.


• We aim to be part of creating a more creative world. Creativity and the arts should not be something that is on a pedestal, creativity should not be for some of us, but for all of us. This project says you do not have to be experienced but just be creative. Be creative, react creatively, snatch those 10 minutes to create, be creative in your interactions, in your movements, in each moment explore, experience and live in that moment. Make it part of your everyday life, try things you would not normally try and see things you would not normally see, explore, encourage, engage. Together, just by committing to a creative moment we start to build a more creative world.


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Why Get Involved?

Why Get Involved?


This project has been created with the creator at the core, it’s about offering you the time, inspiration and permission to explore your creativity in a way that is engaging, new and with freedom. As creative’s we know how hard it can be to find the space, beat the creative block, feel brave enough to do something you’ve never tried or just find new excitement in what you might have done for years.


Prompt Creative is about combating creative challenges – you will be asked a question that your brain will uniquely answer, and that you will respond to, drawing on your life experience and using your unique ways to explore it.


Some people may ask, what does creativity offer me in the ‘real world’ – when we explore creativity, we have to connect with ourselves, overcome challenges, believe in ourselves, learn to adapt, and be spontaneous to name just a few things – and these are tools that translate into almost every life experience – by learning these tools doing something we love we then have them in our tool box for any situation we may need them in!


The team at Prompt Creative have a foundational belief in the power of creativity and it’s ability to, affect the world in positive ways, change lives, heal people, inspire play and ultimately offer people the space to explore, be and exist in themselves and with others.


Creativity is very individual, but it is also nice to know that there is a community of people exploring the same creativity at the same time as you, just in their own unique way – and that is a part of this project that we think is really beneficial. Whether it’s just knowing other people are exploring the same prompt, or if you choose to look back at this site and see what people have done, or choose to wait for inspiration from other people’s creations, we believe that this sense of doing it together is of real benefit to each individuals personal creative potential.

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Choosing Your Memory

Choosing Your Memory

Collecting memories from the pandemic

Your memory may come from the quiet moments, or the loud moments, the moments where you missed friends, or the moments where you felt more connected to them than ever. It may be about losing someone, or welcoming someone new into your life. It may be that you learnt more about yourself, or lost yourself a little.

You may wish to think back to your most joyful, peaceful, possible, lost, lonely, passionate moment. When you are asked the question what is your most important memory from the pandemic what jumps into your head

Your memory may make you laugh or cry or both. Maybe your memory is someone else’s memory that they gifted you. Maybe your memory is unwashed hair and pyjamas, or working every day, maybe it’s keeping family safe. Maybe it is growing plants or feeding cats or sun across the carpet through the window. Maybe it’s the same walk you did every day, or the new paths you walked – your memory is unique to you – any memory is welcome.


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Documenting Your Creative Process

Documenting Your Creative Process


Below are some practical suggestions on how to collect beautiful moments and document your artistic journey for when you share it with us, and the community, on the website or social media. We are looking for anything that you are willing to share with us, from your creations, your ideas, your everyday life, your interactions with others, your deepest most personal thoughts, or the colour of your paints. There is no right or wrong, nor too much or too little.

1. Think about capturing the first thought you have when you see the prompt – a handwritten note, a voice record.

2. Without revision put down the first ideas that come into your head on paper.

3. Put a timestamp on your camera and make sure you’ve got at least one picture a day.

4. Make short diary entries about your creative journey – handwritten? Typed? Recorded?

5. Write down five words that have been triggered by the prompt.

6. Write lists. Lists about things you want to do, lists of ideas you’ve had, lists of moments or creative thoughts.

7. Think about audio – just say a few words, capture and forget – you could do this at random points or just when it feels like an important moment.

8. Think as though you were writing to a trusted friend – what is the process making you think. What is your day and life making you think?

9. What have I learnt, what have I thought, what have I noticed differently, what do I see, what do I do, what have I said today that was important, what made my heart flutter, what made me feel alive, what made me feel more awake, what was the one thing of note that crossed my mind – all these can be answered through handwritten notes, typed notes, recorded voice, video etc.

10. Self-reflection – capture your last thoughts of the day.

11. Look at things and take photos – capture them in different ways. When taking photos take them at different angles, zoom in and zoom out, do the same with videos. Learn from the process and try to see things in new ways.

12. Things to photograph: Your workspace, your notes, your creations in process, your completed creations, video your movement, video your journeys, take pictures of your cup of tea or coffee, your pets, other people’s pets, trees, your shoes, your hands, your creative tools, your doodles or sketches etc.


Closing thoughts

What if you could reach up and take pieces from the sky, collect moments from the world, catch conversations touch and keep colours, and keep emotions in bottles, shelves stacked high with different feelings.

What if you could see your life, your physical journey stretching back through time, what if you could walk back along the path you have taken. Every step, still physically there to be revisited.


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Memories From The Pandemic

Memories From The Pandemic

Pandemic Memories Prompt

This prompt is about recalling memories from the pandemic and exploring them in creative ways. Click the download button to receive the prompt.

If you create something inspired by this prompt then please upload your creations by clicking here!


Why we started this project:

◦ We are doing this to spread creativity as far as possible and gather moments that need to be remembered and shared with the world.


Why we think this is important:

◦ The prompt we are offering the world, is about capturing memories from the pandemic in the most creative way possible, aiming to collect creations inspired by a shared moment in time, lived experiences made into creative explorations and creations. The pandemic is a moment that has changed all our lives, a moment that we have survived through or learnt from, this is a moment that deserves to be remembered. We must not forget our courage, we must learn from moments of darkness, we must not forget those who did not make it, we must draw on the moments when we found strength to push forward, no matter what.

◦ This project aims to help people and the world rebuild through creatively remembering and sharing moments, bringing people together and inspiring others. What we have already received from people who have done this prompt is fascinating, thought-provoking and inspiring. Now we want to reach more people and expand our collection of memories by connecting with as many people as possible to take part and explore the prompt.


Who we are trying to reach:

◦ In a word everybody, we are looking to gather stories and memories from people from every sector of society, people from every background, people with every life experience. We want this project to reflect the world in which we live, exploring the experiences of everybody.

◦ This is the moment that affected us all and we wish to see this reflected in the project.


What we are hoping to build:

◦ We are hoping to create an online collection of hundreds of memories told in different creative ways, a time capsule of moments, a library of lived life experiences – all of which can be viewed, and shared, and borrowed. A gallery of memories, a stage for stories to dance.

Why we are asking for people to tell their stories of the pandemic through creativity:

◦ Through creativity we can inspire others, we can heal ourselves, we can change the world, we can stay anonymous if we wish, which allows us freedom to explore. Through the process of creating we can learn, through creativity we can connect with others in ways that simply recanting stories does not, and through creativity we grow stronger in ourselves and that affects the world.


A Little bit about us:

◦ The prompt creative team believes that creativity has the ability to change lives, bring people together, allows for space to heal, connects people to themselves and others and offers individuals new ways of seeing the world. We believe with all our hearts in the power creativity and creating has for all of us, for the world.

◦ This project is about bringing creativity into every home, to all people, it is about trying to prompt a creative ripple in the world, it is about trying to connect with people through poetry, through song, through dance and writing and performance. It is about saying whatever you are, whatever you are doing, be creative. And it is about capturing a moment that affected all of us and changed so many lives.


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Contact Us

If you need to make contact with us you can use the contact box below or email us at: hello@promptcreative.com – you can also send us a message on any of our social media platforms.

Please bear with us as we are a really small team, but we will get back to you as soon as possible! Thanks!

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    Submit Creations

    Submitting Creations and Being Highlighted


    Submitting your creation for the opportunity to be highlighted on the website is really simple and you can do it by Clicking Here!

    Please also share your creations on all your social media platforms, tagging us @promptcreative and using the #promptcreative – this means we can see what you are doing and so can everyone else in the community.

    Remember when you upload to the website you will need to have all your files, and any text you want to include ready, maybe you would like to include some images from the process.
    • For Video you will need a URL (this can be Vimeo, Facebook or Youtube)
    • For images you can upload them straight from your device.
    • For written text you can paste up to 5000 characters, or for longer work you can upload a PDF or Word Document.

    For any submission there is a maximum of 10 media uploads (eg: word docs, images, audio etc) and in addition a maximum of 5 video links.

    When you upload your creation it would be lovely to hear a bit more about you, your creation or your process ~ here are some suggestions of what you could tell us:

    • Tell us the journey from first seeing the prompt to the final creation?
    • How are you creative?
    • When have you felt your greatest moment of creative breakthrough?
    • What is your most treasured possession and why?
    • Describe yourself?
    • What keeps you awake at night?


    Things you might want to include in your submission:

    • Pictures/video/audio files of your process.
    • Doodles or sketches.
    • Personal diary entries
    • For more suggestions click here.


    We will endeavour to highlight as many people’s creations as work but we can’t promise what you submit will be shared on the site so please remember to share on social media so the whole community can see what you have done. We cannot wait to see everyone’s creation!



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    This project is exquisitely simple, We have created beautiful and thought-provoking prompts. Open-ended questions that should connect with your creativity. We also offer creative suggestions in 8 disciplines under every prompt, to give you ideas to explore, moments to creatively step into and explore in any way you choose. You can also take any of the 8 suggestions and apply them to any creative discipline you want to use.

    Once you receive the prompt what you do next is up to you, but we do get asked a lot of questions so we wanted to try and answer some of them below.

    Q. How long should I take on the prompt?
    A. This is totally up to you. Some people take 10 minutes, some people take days or months, whatever feels right for you is right.

    Q. Do I have to do anything particular with the prompt?
    A. No, do anything in any creative art form. Any creation or exploration is brilliant. There is no right or wrong, just explore, create and do.

    Q. What do I do if I have no inspiration when I see the prompt?
    A. We suggest you explore one of the eight suggestions underneath the prompt or find inspiration from them – you can use any of the 8 suggestions, in any way, using any creative discipline you choose. But we think a good thing to do and remember is to explore the first thing that jumps into your mind when you first see the picture and the words of the prompt.

    Q. Why do you suggest documenting and sharing your experience and creation?
    A. Because you, as a creator, and others seeing your process can learn from your experience – documentation can be one photo or a photo every five minutes. By documenting and sharing your process you give it life in the world and in turn inspire others to also be creative.

    Q. I have created something that I would like to be highlighted on the website/social media, how do I share it?
    A. You can submit your creations to be highlighted on the website by clicking here. We can’t highlight everything as we only have a small team, but we would love to see anything you create at any level and we will do our best to share it. To be highlighted on social media please @promptcreative mention us and use the hashtag #promptcreative so we and the rest of the community can see what you’ve done and we have the opportunity to highlight you on our social media. Please always send/show us what you have created we would love to see it, even if we can’t share it.

    Q. Does anybody ever do the prompt twice?
    A. Yes, absolutely, people sometimes do the prompts a number of times exploring different ideas and nuances of creation. Sometimes it is interesting to come back to a prompt a few months later to see how you may have changed and how your reaction may change. It can also be interesting to explore the prompt using different creative disciplines.


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    Receive Prompts

    Would you like to receive prompts?

    Here’s how:


    Receive 1 free prompt and become part of the challenge -We want to reach our target of 500 people doing this prompt – download here!

    We call this prompt the ripple prompt – it is free and accessible for everyone and we want it to reach as many people as possible to instigate and facilitate a creative ripple of people engaging and creating! We hope this prompt will allow people the time and space to be creative, and that in turn as they share their experience or creation that other people may be inspired to do the prompt or be creative in other ways!

    We will keep releasing Ripple Prompts but not until we reach our target – they will always have a different focus and this one is about looking back at our memories from the pandemic and how we each experienced lockdown – we are really excited to see your creations inspired by your memories.


    Receive a prompt every month and support the project:

    If you would like to receive prompts you can support the project for just £2.50 a month and you will receive an amazing monthly prompt. By doing this you are keeping the project alive and giving yourself permission to explore your creativity in different ways. These prompts are currently being tested by a team of volunteers and will be released soon. If you are interested in these prompts please email: applicationsandinterest@gmail.com



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    About The Project


    Prompt Creative is about offering creative prompts for people to engage with, exploring ideas and creativity through the eyes, minds and creations of many.


    We are currently trying to engage as many people as possible to react to this prompt.


    From the research and testing we have done we have found that these prompts help people be creative at every level – Whether you have been creative your whole life, it’s your career or you’re shy to show anyone those doodles you do whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, these prompts will open up new spaces to explore what you enjoy creatively.


    The prompts you will receive will open spaces and start creative journeys, opening moments that make you look at your artistic discipline differently and possibly the way you live. These prompts can be explored at any level and can offer you a way to push your creative excellence and explore your current practice as well as being a good first step to touch creativity for the first time, we are all creative we are just at different stages of our creative journey.


    Everyone will receive a beautiful prompt, the way you react to this prompt is totally up to you, this is about letting your imagination run wild. Then, alongside many others, you will create something from this central point, this central idea, this prompt, and as everybody shares their journey, either on the website or on social media, we will see the creative process through many eyes, the creative journeys people have walked, understanding creativity and creating inspiration and prompting a creative ripple in the world.

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    Help Us Spread A Creative Ripple

    Help us spread a creative ripple in the world


    Below you will find a number of images that you can share on social media to encourage people to explore creativity and help us reach more people to engage with the prompt and capture memories from the pandemic – by doing this you are helping us spread a creative ripple in the world!

    Pandemic Memories Share on social media 01

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    Pandemic Memories Share on social media 02

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    Pandemic Memories Share on social media 03

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    Pandemic Memories Share on social media 04

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    Pandemic Memories Share on social media 05

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    Date added: 09-07-2021
    Date modified: 09-07-2021

    Please also share this link for people to download the prompt: https://promptcreative.com/memories-from-the-pandemic/


    Thank you so much for your help!!!!!

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    Exploring Creativity And Self

    Exploring Creativity and Self ~ Online Workshop

    To book onto this course please email: hello@promptcreative.com


    Why this workshop:

    This workshop has been designed to give you a rounded experience that looks at a number of different aspects of being creative: looking at who we are as creatives, how the world around us influences our work and why we make what we do. The aim of the workshop is for each participant to have been on their own journey, but within the community of participants, and have gained a better understanding of why they do what they do, and have new tools and ideas about engaging with the world in creative ways and how to use that to inspire our creativity


    What the workshop involves:

    The workshops will take you on a connected journey through four 2 hour sessions, in between each session you will receive a prompt via email which will encourage you to think more deeply about what we touched on in the session at a deeper level, it will then encourage you to create, think or engage in an activity!

    The session will touch on a few main areas, these are:

    • Creating a space to create
    • Our values as individuals and creatives
    • Connecting with our surroundings and allowing it to inspire us
    • How to communicate with our creativity

    You will be asked, encouraged and supported to engage in a number of ways (but never forced, all aspects are optional and you will never to asked to do something you don’t want to)

    • Creative free writing
    • Reflection
    • Topic group discussions
    • Spontaneous creation or creation ideas
    • Exploring who you are as a creative
    • Create from prompts
    • Engage with creative exercises in online sessions


    Your workshop facilitator:

    Willow will be the facilitator for all sessions, she is a founding member of prompt creative, is a performer and facilitator and has a deep interest in creativity in all aspects of life and how creativity can be used as a tool to heal ourselves, connect with others and make change in the world. Willow has spent many years researching creativity and has supported many groups to explore their creativity, from professionals to disadvantaged youth people.


    Where this workshop takes place:

    This workshop will run for 4 weeks, with one 2 hour session a week on zoom, so you can join anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home, work, or a cafe. You will also receive extra material via email in between sessions.