This project is exquisitely simple, We have created beautiful and thought-provoking prompts. Open-ended questions that should connect with your creativity. We also offer creative suggestions in 8 disciplines under every prompt, to give you ideas to explore, moments to creatively step into and explore in any way you choose. You can also take any of the 8 suggestions and apply them to any creative discipline you want to use.

Once you receive the prompt what you do next is up to you, but we do get asked a lot of questions so we wanted to try and answer some of them below.

Q. How long should I take on the prompt?
A. This is totally up to you. Some people take 10 minutes, some people take days or months, whatever feels right for you is right.

Q. Do I have to do anything particular with the prompt?
A. No, do anything in any creative art form. Any creation or exploration is brilliant. There is no right or wrong, just explore, create and do.

Q. What do I do if I have no inspiration when I see the prompt?
A. We suggest you explore one of the eight suggestions underneath the prompt or find inspiration from them – you can use any of the 8 suggestions, in any way, using any creative discipline you choose. But we think a good thing to do and remember is to explore the first thing that jumps into your mind when you first see the picture and the words of the prompt.

Q. Why do you suggest documenting and sharing your experience and creation?
A. Because you, as a creator, and others seeing your process can learn from your experience – documentation can be one photo or a photo every five minutes. By documenting and sharing your process you give it life in the world and in turn inspire others to also be creative.

Q. I have created something that I would like to be highlighted on the website/social media, how do I share it?
A. You can submit your creations to be highlighted on the website by clicking here. We can’t highlight everything as we only have a small team, but we would love to see anything you create at any level and we will do our best to share it. To be highlighted on social media please @promptcreative mention us and use the hashtag #promptcreative so we and the rest of the community can see what you’ve done and we have the opportunity to highlight you on our social media. Please always send/show us what you have created we would love to see it, even if we can’t share it.

Q. Does anybody ever do the prompt twice?
A. Yes, absolutely, people sometimes do the prompts a number of times exploring different ideas and nuances of creation. Sometimes it is interesting to come back to a prompt a few months later to see how you may have changed and how your reaction may change. It can also be interesting to explore the prompt using different creative disciplines.