Tell us about your creation?

Trying to explain to children about the pandemic was difficult. I remember my sister teaching my 5 year old nephew the word ‘unprecedented’ to explain why she didn’t have the answers to all his questions. It was hard to reassure children when we didn’t know whether schools would open, when they would get to see friends and family again, and when things would be back to ‘normal’. Especially when rules changed, lockdowns returned and things stretched out longer than everyone anticipated.

I wanted to create a song that evoked the memory of each day feeling the same as the next; a feeling of going round in circles and not knowing when things would change. This monotony and loss of routine was felt by everyone as we tried to find our way through.

I was also conscious of trying to convey this shared memory in ‘the most creative way possible’. I wanted the music to reflect the feeling of being on repeat, of time warping and overlapping, of going nowhere.

But throughout this we also saw people finding the positives and being hopeful and optimistic. It was important for me that the children’s song communicated this sentiment too, concluding with “Hoping that tomorrow brings a change.”


No-one knows how long this will go on,

It feels like the world is frozen still,

Going round in circles every day,

Hoping that tomorrow brings a change.