Exploring Creativity and Self ~ Online Workshop

To book onto this course please email: hello@promptcreative.com


Why this workshop:

This workshop has been designed to give you a rounded experience that looks at a number of different aspects of being creative: looking at who we are as creatives, how the world around us influences our work and why we make what we do. The aim of the workshop is for each participant to have been on their own journey, but within the community of participants, and have gained a better understanding of why they do what they do, and have new tools and ideas about engaging with the world in creative ways and how to use that to inspire our creativity


What the workshop involves:

The workshops will take you on a connected journey through four 2 hour sessions, in between each session you will receive a prompt via email which will encourage you to think more deeply about what we touched on in the session at a deeper level, it will then encourage you to create, think or engage in an activity!

The session will touch on a few main areas, these are:

  • Creating a space to create
  • Our values as individuals and creatives
  • Connecting with our surroundings and allowing it to inspire us
  • How to communicate with our creativity

You will be asked, encouraged and supported to engage in a number of ways (but never forced, all aspects are optional and you will never to asked to do something you don’t want to)

  • Creative free writing
  • Reflection
  • Topic group discussions
  • Spontaneous creation or creation ideas
  • Exploring who you are as a creative
  • Create from prompts
  • Engage with creative exercises in online sessions


Your workshop facilitator:

Willow will be the facilitator for all sessions, she is a founding member of prompt creative, is a performer and facilitator and has a deep interest in creativity in all aspects of life and how creativity can be used as a tool to heal ourselves, connect with others and make change in the world. Willow has spent many years researching creativity and has supported many groups to explore their creativity, from professionals to disadvantaged youth people.


Where this workshop takes place:

This workshop will run for 4 weeks, with one 2 hour session a week on zoom, so you can join anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home, work, or a cafe. You will also receive extra material via email in between sessions.