After an obviously strange and impactful year my mental state deteriated: it is an ongoing issue, however lockdown in particular, and being on furlough, excaserbated it. My studio was a good space to work things out. I typically create characters or landscapes; over the last year or so I have been utilizing creating patterns, which allow me to calm myself down whilst being productive. 

Within lockdown I’ve created several works utlising repeating patterns. These three images are among the first created, specifically to interact with each other – a chronological order of 0-1-2. Whilst the pattern of gold leaf shapes is simple, the size of the canvas (30cm x 20cm) and the way the backgrounds were manipulated created a longer project. Which influenced what they were designs were, getting more blank and burnt out over the year, the tactile impressions of the blood and tears inputted to keep going. All very melodramic and influenced with several somber songs to accompany my time in learning self care, trying new things and coping. Whilst applying this ‘tortured artist’ shitck, I managed to find something I could create easily, with skill and with whatever material I wanted to use – which is ever changing, as I like to explore media.