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12 Creative writing prompts for £8.40!

In this bundle of prompts you will receive 12 beautifully designed creative concepts. Our prompts offer you words, quotes, beautiful images, story beginnings, creative ideas, unusual suggestions, open-ended creative questions, characters and landscape suggestions all waiting for stories.

I couldn’t believe how beautiful the prompts were, as soon as I saw the prompts my mind flooded with ideas for stories. I’ve used creative prompts in the past, but what prompt creative offers is like nothing I’ve ever seen., they are stunning clever and beautiful. I would recommend these prompts to anybody who loves creative writing.

~ Jane Thomas

I’ve been writing for many years on and off, and it’s not that my creativity was getting stale, but I was certainly looking for new ideas, and these prompts offered me that in abundance.

I think I’ve now purchased every one of Prompt Creative’s writing prompts, and they’ve added a new lease of life to my stories and storytelling….

~ Martyn Bridges

I loved writing in school, but I am in no way a writer, and haven’t created anything in about 20 years. Using these prompts was like finding a part of me that had been sleeping. It’s been an amazing way to reconnect with writing after so many years.

~ Sarah Jane