Choosing Your Memory

Collecting memories from the pandemic

Your memory may come from the quiet moments, or the loud moments, the moments where you missed friends, or the moments where you felt more connected to them than ever. It may be about losing someone, or welcoming someone new into your life. It may be that you learnt more about yourself, or lost yourself a little.

You may wish to think back to your most joyful, peaceful, possible, lost, lonely, passionate moment. When you are asked the question what is your most important memory from the pandemic what jumps into your head

Your memory may make you laugh or cry or both. Maybe your memory is someone else’s memory that they gifted you. Maybe your memory is unwashed hair and pyjamas, or working every day, maybe it’s keeping family safe. Maybe it is growing plants or feeding cats or sun across the carpet through the window. Maybe it’s the same walk you did every day, or the new paths you walked – your memory is unique to you – any memory is welcome.