Tell us the journey from first seeing the prompt to the final creation?

When I first saw the prompt I thought, “of course Creative Ripple want us to explore one of the most stressful times of my life!” But in all seriousness, I knew it would be something I would struggle to complete, making it all the more important that I do.  And I was right, as it took 3 months of me circling around ideas, getting exciting about one then losing interest, until I remembered a photo I took on one of our forgotten disposable cameras.

It had been a particularly hot evening and my husband was playing on his computer with the keyboard under his legs, crowded by wires and coffee mugs, and I knew then it would be a memory of the pandemic. So, I quickly snatched up the cameras that had been sitting untouched on the bookshelf for nearly a year, and ran to the closest camera shop. Then, three weeks later I received a digital copy and there the photo was, just as I had imagined.

It didn’t take long for the words to form around the picture, leading to my final creation. I hope anyone who sees it, also sees a bit of themselves stuck in that room, surrounded by their escapes to the outside world.


Describe yourself in a 100 words?

Perceptive. Humorous. Satirical. Aquarius. Creative. Reflective. Analytical. Intuitive. Loquacious. Sensitive. Adaptable. Empathetic. Bold. Quirky. American. Introverted. Philosophical. Rational. Sensible. Witty. Clever. Linguaphile. Charmed. Writer. Scared. Honest. Ready. Eager. Critical. Evasive. Emotional. Protective. Loyal. Loving. Loveable. Imaginative. Intelligent. Rhetorician. Storyteller. Fabricator. Nosy. Cunning. Manipulative. Deflective. Skeptical. Patient. Outspoken. Opinionated. Irreverent. Practical. Sophomaniac. Academic. Soulful. Knitter. Wise. Spirited. Well-rounded. High-Strung. Feisty. Eclectic. Enchanting. Entertaining. Curious. Thoughtful. Strong. Vibrant. Nonchalant. Distinct. Curvaceous. Diplomatic. Impartial. Confident. Determined. Distracted. Bored. Supportive. Anxious. Stressed. Forgiving. Enlightened. Adventurous. Moody. Self-Critical. Encouraging. Free. Worldly. Obsessed. Enamored. Confused. Absent-minded. Forgetful. Young. Lively. Contemplative. Trusting. Spiritual. Private. Sleepy. Long-winded. Finished.